Alberto Montesino - the light of memory

A timeless story, a story told with light

Authenticity is the key to Alberto Montesino's photos. This professional, lover of naturalness and all things spontaneous, will capture every moment of your big day in a very special way that will thrill you every time you see the images of him. You just have to trust him, hire his services for your wedding day and let him show all his talent.
Keeping the essence of each moment, he will immortalize your story through timeless photographs that will transport you to each of those moments in the future. Attentive to any event, he will be by your side at all times, but his presence will go completely unnoticed. This way, you won't feel self-conscious and can be unscrupulous.

Take a look at some of his works, fall in love with his undoubted personality and contact him now to book your appointment.

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