Romantic wedding report

If you are looking for unconventional photographs that reflect love and the little moments between two people, such as the most intimate looks or gestures. My works avoid forced poses and try to capture more natural shots. If you think my style and work match your vision for the wedding, I advise you to contact me about 4-6 months before your wedding day. I always try to arrange a meeting with my clients (face-to-face or skype) to learn more about them and their wedding. But it is also good for you to learn more about me and how I work. If we both feel there is a good feeling, I will send you an offer to capture your day. When you confirm the offer and pay the first deposit, we are officially ready for your wedding day!


After your wedding, the photos will be sent to you through an online gallery, from where you can share images with your loved ones. In today's society, most of the images we have are stuck on our electronic devices. But I think images like this should not be forgotten and should not be stored on a phone or laptop. So, in addition to the online gallery that you will have access to, all weddings come with a handmade gift box, containing a small fancy album and a personal note. If you are interested in a larger album or other printing options, feel free to ask.


I firmly believe in the principle of quality before quantity. For that reason, I have a limited number of customers each year and I am working hard to achieve the best service and products for you as a customer. For that reason, I love working with other great vendors and vendors and you can always ask for advice on anything wedding related.

How do we do it?

1. Query:

First things first, get in touch! Trust me, your inquiry will make my day! Let me know what your budget is, when is your wedding day and where are you getting married! You can even give me some juicy details about your relationship!

2. meeting:

Let's talk face to face!
Building a relationship with my clients is my number one priority, and I love getting to know them from the start! We'll go over everything from your timeline, to choosing the package that best suits your needs!

3. reservation:

I want this to be as simple as possible for you! There is only one signal to block your date, and your final payment is divided into 3.

4. pre-wedding:

This is your chance to dress up and share your love with the world! We will choose a beautiful place or a special place for you, it is your decision! Use this day to get all those dates and numbers out of your head! Most importantly, this is when we can hang out and get to know each other!

5. final meeting:

We will see you 30 days before your wedding date to go over all the essential details. Everything from timeline to family shot lists to vendor information is covered here. Feel free to include your wedding planner in this too!

6. wedding day !:

Obviously this is my favorite part! We've gone over everything in detail so far, the only thing you have to think about is going down that hallway! Don't worry, your wedding planner and I, and all your suppliers have our backs, we are going to make your day a breeze! Eat, drink and enjoy your day!

7. gallery delivery:

I strive to make your gallery image perfect (pun intended) but I want you to have your images to share with the world as quickly as possible!
Wedding galleries are returned within 4-5 weeks of your wedding day.

8. album layout:

This is the last step in our journey together - your album is your wedding day story in the coolest way possible - a deluxe album to shamelessly share with everyone who visits your home! You pick around 100 of your favorites from the gallery and I'll design it!

Delivery and Albums

As I mentioned earlier, I firmly believe in the principle of quality. For that reason, I always work with large suppliers. In this case from the hand of DreambooksPro. The work of this incredible firm speaks for itself and distinguishes in an incredible way the product that we can usually find from its exquisite luxury finishes. Here are just a few examples, my favorites, of these refined finishes. In our meeting I will bring you different samples, textures and examples of what you can find in this catalog.




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