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Who I am?

I am a father, husband, friend and photographer. I am a native of Lanzarote, although I trained in Madrid and began my working life in Guadalajara, Castilla la Mancha. It was at the age of 14 that I entered the world of weddings, accompanying two great professionals as an assistant, and since then capturing the memories of other people and seeing how they accompany them for life has captivated me.

Always, due to my shyness and being quite introverted, I was very restless artistically speaking, and I looked for alternative ways of expressing myself. Then I discovered that I could tell stories as my eyes see them. He could reveal to people the moments that escape the eye. And so I summarize my work, a narrative, a love story, of their union, of their special day.

I am aware of the importance of every detail of this day, I myself am married and I know the pressure, so I like to work with the best team and the best suppliers. I like the experience of being part of that day, of helping them make it special. I do not limit myself to being a mere spectator and being able to offer you what will be the only tangible testimony of your wedding as something special and without skimping on manufacturing luxuries.



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My job

As a professional I can assure you that they will be my priority, both in time and in my efforts to meet your expectations. But as a person what I can offer you is a very close photographic service as well as memorable experiences in which we will turn the time you spend with me into something more than photos, an event.

My work seeks to get away from the already very common wedding reports and tries to capture the little moments that we ignore, a caress, a tear, a look. There are no forced poses or smiles that are not from the heart.

Also, due to the different luxury providers we have, I offer you the best quality you can get in terms of albums, photo booth, reminders, etc. Let me help you make your day very special.

My commitment is to originality, to seek together a way to illustrate their ideas and memories in pure feeling.

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